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Perception 2x02 Alienation, set 3 of 6

No wise-ass commentary this time, except that wine looks really good.

Oh I just thought of a comment!  I have this really useful talent where I can tell if a drink is alcoholic or not just by looking at it.  Somehow alcoholic drinks swoosh around differently, you know?  Anyway it’s a real immersion-breaker for me when I see characters getting drunk on water instead of vodka.  Hella annoying.  But this was real wine and it was cathartic to look at it!

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Voice Actors: Raphael Sbarge

Terry Malloy, Grim Fandango | Scorch, Republic Commando

Dellis Tantor, Star Wars: Force Commander

Kaidan Alenko, Mass Effect Series

Carth Onasi, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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Criminal Minds 8x09, Magnificent Light, V.

If you want to use my gifs, please please make sure to get the higher-res one!  The filename should end in _400.gif.  Thank you!

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